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We are Jess + Gem, the makers behind Onyx+Ivy. Let us introduce ourselves below with a little bit about the both of us.

But first THANK YOU for being here...we so appreciate you for supporting our small shop. 

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I'm your typical girly-girl learning how to be a boy mom to two handsome hunks alongside my husband Kelly. I was born in Ontario but quickly fell in love with the mountains and the Alberta boy after my first visit 6 years ago.  Our sons Sawyer (3) and Sebastian (Bash) (2) are 17 and a half months apart...I'll just let you absorb the chaos!!  

Random facts about me: I'm Canadian-Bermudian and spent many summers in Bermuda growing up. The pink sand and turquoise ocean were my first true loves.  I'm an Interior Architect full time and am drawn to everything that requires attention to detail, design + planning. I hate being scared, like the ultimate scaredy cat!! 

Some of my faves are wine, chocolate, and playing canasta, like for real LOVE canasta like a little old lady!! 

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I'm Gem but my full name is Gemma. I have three kiddos Isabel (11), Aubrey (4), and Lochlan (2). My hubby Clint and I have been married for nearly 5 years, together for 8, and as cliche as it sounds he's my bestie. We are so lucky to have such a big close family here in Calgary, and between our two families we have 11 nieces and nephews. We absolutely cherish our family time.

Random facts about me: I was born in England, but moved to Calgary when I was 5. Also, I love to knit!! Yup like an old grandma (I hear all the jokes), I am a medical mom as our son Lochlan is quite the complex little man. You will hear more about our little hero I am sure!!  

My faves are wine, cheeeese, yup you better brie-lieve it! And anything to do with the mountain fresh air. We long for the mountains in this household! 

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We are lucky enough to be neighbors to each other and our friendship started from there. We have both been put through the ringer with our kiddos, like most moms right? As more time went on we leaned on each other for true support and an excessive supply of prosecco...our fave is actually called Giggle perfect is that!? I think the foundation of our friendship truly stems from the fact that we pride ourselves on not having our sh*t together. We feel comfortable fumbling through motherhood with wine in our hands, a shoulder to lean on, and wearing our mom crowns (aka dry shampoo filled top knots) with pride. 

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Both of us are craft-aholics which naturally turned our front porch wine dates into brainstorming sessions on how we could collaborate together. We both desperately needed a creative outlet in our lives...and whola along came onyx+ivy. We would love for this to grow into more than just our little shop. Our vision is a place that woman connect and find products that express their journeys, and yes that's a hint to more products being developed soon!!  We are so excited to watch this new baby of ours grow and we hope you will join us for the ride! 

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